Today in the city Spirit Lake 20.07.2017
Can Queer Streaming Services Take on Juggernauts Like Netflix?

Services like REVRY and Dekkoo aim to bring diverse queer content together on one platform. But are their good intentions enough to survive?

McDonald's Customers Lose Patience With Long Wait Times For Quarter Pounder

Tracy Moore grew impatient as she waited for a Quarter Pounder recently in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant in central Dallas. The burger, made with fresh beef and billed as hotter and...

Op-Ed: Here's the real lesson Democrats need to learn from Jon Ossoff's loss

Democrats need to get the message from Jon Ossoff's stinging loss in Georgia, and fast, says Jake Novak

Is this really what Apple’s iPhone 8 is going to look like?

Apple's iPhone 8 release date grows closer with each passing day. We don't know exactly when it will be, of course, but a late September or early to mid October launch is looking increasingly...

St. Vincent Announces Tour and Debuts New Look – But No Album News Yet

There’s a striking new look, an extensive run of tour dates, and even a corny little video announcing them — but no album announcement yet. On Wednesday St. Vincent announced her “Fear the Future Tour...

WorkdayVoice: Why Finance Must Put More Than Profit And Loss Under The Microscope

If finance is going to be a true business partner, it must evolve beyond the traditional profit/loss view to help the broader business refine existing business models and generate new revenue.]

Happy birthday, iPhone: Ten years later, Steve Jobs' creation owns us

Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in January, 2007, before an adoring congregation, in his signature “Sermon on the Mount” style. On June 29, it became available to the public. Ten years later, the...

The GOP health-care bill: Now meaner, and with less heart

President Trump is reportedly worried that the House GOP's health-care bill is too "mean." He wants the Senate version to have "more heart." But if anything, the Senate's in-progress bill is even mean...

'I need help': hall of famer Warren Sapp has memory loss after NFL career

Defensive lineman says he wants to donate his brain to scienceSapp needs to be reminded of daily tasks after 13-year football careerHall of fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp says he suffers from memo...

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